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Rates & Services

- Aerial Photography Services
Our aerial photography services include client consultations, pre-flight planning, digital photography, photo enhancements and photography production. Specialized custom services are available upon request. Fly By Photos makes every effort to meet client expectations and requirements.

- Photo Production
Our aerial photography production team utilizes computer programs to enhance the final product quality. Our software programs provide the important capability to add graphics, text and mapping elements to delineate boundaries, label specific features and otherwise clarify the important characteristics of the photo target.

- Image Output Mediums

Aerial photos are available in a variety of mediums. To meet every client’s unique specifications, all photos are available in electronic or hard copy formats. Photo prints, whether color or black and white, are available in many sizes. Electronic photos are available in several formats, typically JPEG or TIFF, and may be e-mailed or furnished on CDs.

- Photo Services Rates

Aerial photography rates are based on location, total project requirements and production services. Clients will be advised of actual rates based on the specific requirements of each flight. Large projects and multiple site projects may qualify for discounted rates. Please Contact Us for a free estimate.


The base rate for aerial photography flights
is $250. Photo enhancements and graphics services are billed at $50 per hour.

Photo print rates for standard photo sizes:
  Size: Price:
  8x10 $40
  9x11 $45
  11x14 $55
  16x20 $80
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